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Help Us Help You!

Help Us Help You!

Submitted by:President P. Alfred Grace, President & CEO 

Safety at work

One Ohana Sharing Aloha – Through safety practices

Aloha my PCC Ohana! 

Our PCC Safety Officers, Elder Davis and Lau Niumatalolo, have been very busy helping to keep the PCC a safe place to work and visit. At my request, they submitted the following safety summary report for today’s newsletter. Please take time to review this report and then continue to follow all COVID-19 safety measures. Also, please follow all safety procedures, including wearing correct footwear. We are only blessed with two feet each and need to take care of them! 


We would first like to thank all those how are showing their spirit of Kokua in supporting our efforts to keep the COVID 19 virus out of our workplace and community.  This virus has cost our communities several love ones, many jobs, and created all kinds of hardships.  It has also cost the PCC dearly, but surprisingly, there are still a few that don’t seem to grasp the seriousness of this pandemic.   

A few days ago, while Elder Davis was working the temp checks at the night show, he ran into four employees not wearing their masks.  Just a handful of us cannot keep PCC COVID-free, we need everyone’s Kokua to make this work. 

We ask that everyone do their part to: 

  • Remind those around you to wear their masks. 
  • Sanitize and clean everything. 
  • Be honest and consistent with our temp check logs and COVID tracing efforts. 


  • In the past two months, we have had three unnecessary foot injuries that could have been prevented if the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) were worn.  These injuries caused pain and suffering, and cost a substantial amount of money in workers comp. 
  • We understand there are injuries that despite our best efforts are difficult to avoid.  There are also dangerous activities that seem harmless but will hurt us if we don’t use the proper precautions and good judgment. 
  • Wearing the proper PPE can prevent a lot of pain, and loss of time and money. We often find employees in the center cutting grass or operating a weed eater with no shoes or goggles. We also see power-washers being operated with no shoes.   
  • Coming from the islands there is the mentality that we do everything in slippers or barefoot, just because we are used to it.  This same mentality probably helped cause these foot injuries. 
  • The warehouse has responded to this concern by creating a  No Shoes No enter” policy. Other areas need to follow their lead and require shoes unless bare feet are necessary.  Please wear your PPE.