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What is happening right now at the Polynesian Cultural Center?

What is happening right now at the Polynesian Cultural Center?

So what is happening at PCC while we are closed to our guests? We’re practicing our Cultural Beliefs.

Radiating the spirit

We’re still RADIATING SPIRIT behind masks of every kind.


Inspiring performance

We’re INSPIRING PERFORMANCE by making washable masks for our essential workers.


Wowing customers

We’re WOWING CUSTOMERS that will be returning soon by painting canoes and repairing Island displays affected by the rainy weather


Achieving Results

We’re ACHIEVING RESULTS by trimming trees to keep them safe and demolishing old buildings.


Taking charge

We’re TAKING CHARGE by increasing our security patrol and having a different department provide cart patrols in the parking areas daily.


Cultivating trust

We’re CULTIVATING TRUST as members of the President’s Council video-conference daily to discuss updates that affect PCC and how to prepare for the time we can reopen.


Acting decisively

We’re ACTING DECISIVELY by maintaining our gardens, farms and allowing the chickens to nest where they want.


It is a blessing

It is a blessing to still have a few employees willing and able to continue the essential work needed to maintain this “unique treasure” during our closure so that when we re-open AC (After Closure), the Center will look and function better than BC (Before Closure). We miss our PCC ohana. Stay safe everyone and we hope to see you again soon.