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Greg Maples – Vice President of Polynesian Cultural Center Food Services

PCC recognizes BYU-Hawaii Seniors

Submitted by:  Delsa Moe, VP – Cultural Presentations

Joshua Cocker

Joshua Cocker, a Communications major from Tonga, is the first in his family to receive a college degree. He is a Demo Guide in the Tongan village.

Congratulations to all our PCC/BYU-Hawaii seniors who will be graduating this week. Continue to climb and push yourself to new heights as you seek new horizons.

Greg Maples – Vice President of Polynesian Cultural Center Food Services

Submitted by: Nina Jones, Digital Commerce Specialist


Our Ohana throughout the Polynesian Cultural Center congratulates our newest Vice-President. There are very few people who could possibly fill the shoes left by our dear Fifita Unga. Welcome, Greg Maples to the World of Administration. Food Services keeps getting better and better and we are all excited to see where your drive and enthusiasm takes us next!


safety corner sign

Submitted by:  Elder Davis

Covid Test Update April 5 - 10

Here are last week’s COVID-19 testing results.


The types of tsunami alerts are listed below with descriptions and instructions:

Tsunami Advisory: Strong currents are likely. Stay away from the shore

Tsunami Watch: In the event that a Tsunami Watch is issued, the danger level is not yet known, but a tsunami is possible. Stay alert for more information.

Tsunami Warning: In the event that a Tsunami Warning is issued, leave coastal areas immediately.

Evacuate to higher ground:

  • Monitor Emergency Alert System radio station and/or BYUH radio “Emergency” talk group.
  • If you hear an official tsunami warning or sirens sound.
  • Take your 72-hour kit. No food will be provided at the Canon Activity Center. Take life supplies for up to two weeks.
  • If you have a baby take diapers and formula.
  • Take any prescription medicines you need.
  • Stranded PCC Guest should be directed to the Cannon Activities Center
  • Remain in a safe area until the warning expires or until emergency personnel has issued an “all clear” signal.

Tsunami Chart Warning

Reference:   Honolulu – Tsunami