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What do our guests think of the Center now?

What do our guests think of the Center now?

Submitted by:Jimmy Mapu, Cultural Presentations Admin. and Guest Services Manager

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From the temperature checks at the entrance to the social distancing in the islands to the frequent and visible disinfecting and cleaning everywhere you turn, to the mask-wearing, to the spaced-out seating at the lu‵au, in the islands, on the canoes, and at the night show, our guests have been really impressed and touched with how much effort we’re all putting into keeping them safe while they visit the Polynesian Cultural Center.  And they’re very vocal about letting us know how much they appreciate it.

temperature check station

Eugene Lucerna of the Philippines and Lisa Agafili of New Zealand eagerly await the arrival of guests at the temperature check station.

In preparation for the soft opening and the addition of these measures, we’ve held training sessions on what to do and how to handle different situations in the best way possible. Like many of you, we’ve seen the many video clips online with upset customers of different establishments on the mainland who refuse to wear masks or argue loudly with store employees, creating big scenes. While we did not anticipate it happening here, we wanted to be prepared for it should the occasion arise. We have established guidelines, trained our team, and the role played in order to practice what to say and do.

Since opening, we’ve found that not only have we not had to deal with anyone even remotely bothered by or argumentative about the covid-19 regulations, but we’ve noticed the exact opposite. People are actually thanking us for taking these measures to keep them safe.

Cleaning the canoes

Lance Aina, along with Isikeli Fehoko, our Student Supervisor for Canoe Tours from Tonga, are busy wiping down each row of canoes while our guests wait on the landing spaced with one party on each bench to keep them socially distanced.

A guest visiting from California with her family said she was so impressed with all that was going on in regard to the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus here and said that she felt safe and loved.

The father of a large family of 14 expressed his appreciation for all that was being done for them. He said he was nervous coming on this vacation to Hawai‵i but seeing all the effort that was put into keeping them as safe as possible really moved him.

Canoe Tour

Jordan Richards, a Canoe Guide from New Zealand, trains Chris Tiaihau of Tahiti on the finer points of pushing a large double-hulled canoe, which normally carries a load of 30 passengers with only every other row being utilized for people from the same party — in this case, three couples, for a total of 6.

I smiled when talking with a couple from Utah who said they thought we were going overboard with all that we’re doing to mitigate the spread of the virus. The wife said, “I don’t believe in masks. I don’t think they work. But I’ll wear one if it makes someone else comfortable and if it means that I get to come here to this awesome place.”  It was her and her husband’s eleventh trip to the Center in the span of 20 years!

So keep up the great work, Ohana! Our guests see the effort we’re making and are truly appreciative. If we can continue to do our part in keeping our customers and our PCC Ohana safe, we can look forward to the day when we can open up fully again and welcome the world back to experience this special place.