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Giving back to our community!

Giving back to our community!


As the country strives to provide more testing for people to fight the virus, this past Saturday we had the opportunity to be the first testing site for COVID19 to service the whole North Shore community. We worked diligently with dedicated medical professionals and were able to create a safe plan for screening and testing. We had a total of 100 vehicles that were able to receive testing for the virus.

Covid Test


Malama Meals

On Monday we were able to provide a venue and coordinate with Malama Meals and other organizations in the community to provide free meals to those in need.  There were 500 meals prepared and they were gone in just 10 minutes!!! The line of vehicles weaved through the north parking lot and through the Marketplace parking lot. We unfortunately had to turn away a large number of vehicles, but it was still a great feeling to be help out so many. We look forward to partnering up with these organizations again to provide free meals every Monday throughout this lockdown.

Free Meal Drive

Vehicles waiting in line for their COVID test. 


Malama Meals

Cackle Volunteers

A number of volunteers helped to set up the stations 


Other things in the Marketplace 

If you are craving a meal or a special drink, don’t forget that the Elephant Truck and SoDa Bomb are still open. Sweet as Ice Cream will also be opening with limited hours this week.  

 Elephant Truck– Open 11-8 Order online at 808elephant.com for pick up orders 


So’Da Bomb  – Open 11-3 Pre Order by Calling or Texting 808-397-8768, or you can order at the Window. 

So'Da Bomb


Sweet As Ice Cream is only open for pre order pick up on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 4-5pm.  Pre order now online at sweetasicecream.com