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“A feel good story of One Ohana Sharing Aloha, even in Utah.”

A feel-good story of One Ohana Sharing Aloha, even in Utah.

Submitted by: Seamus FitzgeraldDirector, Talent Management and Training & Development 

PCC Video for Harrison

A great way to start any video: Kap and Crease being…well, Kap and Crease. Side note: Kap is Harrison’s great-uncle.
Watch video here

This month, many of our Ohana worked together to send a special dose of Aloha to Harrison Tavana in Utah. We are always so pleased to welcome children selected by the Make A Wish Foundation to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center. Sadly, Harrison is battling a brain tumor. Because he couldn’t travel to fulfill his Make A Wish dream of coming to Hawaii and the PCC, his Primary President (PCC alum and Seamus Fitzgeralds sister) reached out to PCC for a video greeting for this little very special yr old boy. Our Ohana enthusiastically took on the challenge! If Harrison couldn’t come to the Center, the Center was absolutely going to come to Harrison! 

Program plus Harrison and family and Seamus

The program to a very special celebration luau (l); The Tavana family with Guest Presenter, Seamus Fitgerald. (r)

Seamus happened to be in Utah when the presentation was made and was honored to represent PCC in person. Seamus shared that, “it was magical seeing your teams have fun together for such a great cause. They weren’t just completing an assignment; they were sharing joy with a little boy they’ve never met. I know he and his family (can) feel that Aloha coming through in this special video.”  

Attendees plus Harrisons grandfather exp gratitude

A glimpse at some of Harrison’s supportive family and ward members (l); Harrison’s grandfather expresses gratitude to the Center and President Grace for their support (r).

Many in the ward, including Bishop William Tenney and his wife Mechelle, plus Primary President Sheena Alaiasa, are PCC and BYUH Alumni. The festive evening had balloon coconut trees, ono kine grindz: poke bowls, plates of taro, chop suey, mac-salad, kalua pig, rice, and teriyaki chicken. All this was met with a beautiful smile and thumbs up from Harrison.  As the PCC video played, Seamus shared, I watched him smile and give another thumbs up after each group presentation. He especially loved the Samoa Village and HA presentations, when President Grace said “Call me uncle Alf” and when he was presented with the t-shirts sent for him and all his Ohana.  In the end each family member, including Harrisons grandparents, all sent their aloha and gratitude to PCC for lifting their spirits and bringing light.”  

Hope you enjoy our special video for Harrison. Sending prayers and Aloha to the Tavana family along with our gratitude for reaching out to us here at the PCC.