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Employee Day! 

Employee Day! 

Submitted by: President P.  Alfred Grace 

Article 1 - Practice Run announcement

Today President Grace announced a ‘practice run’ – and invited Center employees and 1 guest as our special guests (ticket required).

Aloha my PCC Ohana,  

On Saturday, January 16th we will be holding a special practice run of our soft opening Exclusive Luau & Show which will be open to the public starting Monday, January 18th.  The purpose of this practice run is to work the bugs out before the 18th.  We have a new phone reservation system, a new ticketing system, new ticket scanning, as well as new COVID safety procedures and modified performances and shows.  So much to remember and so much has changed. 

There are approximately 250 Alii Luau seats available and an additional 600 Ha Show seats available for employees and ONE (1) guest.  Luau and Show tickets are $10 each and for the Ha Show, the only ticket is FREE.  These tickets are available on a first-come first-serve basis.  You MUST SHOW YOUR PCC ID with your tickets when entering the Luau or Show.  This night is for our PCC Ohana and one guest only.  It is okay if you do not yet have the new 2021 ID; a 2020 or 2021 ID is acceptable for entry.  

There are three ways to get tickets; 

  1. Online—about 1/3 of the tickets are available online to give us practice using the new web ordering process, Click Here.  If you go online remember you should only order 2 tickets max. If you order more the order will be canceled.
  2. Phone—about 1/3 of the tickets are available through the Call Center so we can practice using the new call center system.  Call 808-293-3333.
  3. Box Office—about 1/3 of the tickets will be available by calling 808-293-3333 where your name will be put on a “Will Call” list and tickets will be reserved for you and can be purchased and picked up from the Box Office.  This allows our Reservations team to practice using our new box office systems and processes. 

Go online or call now because these tickets are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Remember only two tickets per employee and a PCC ID will be required with tickets for entry. 

It will be great to invite guests back soon and there is no better way to start than with our own Ohana. 


President Grace