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What a difference a year makes!

What a difference a year makes!

Submitted by:Delsa Moe – VP, Cultural Presentations 

Lead picture 3-16-21

Two days, 365 days apart. Who knew life would change this much?

Just a year ago, on March 14, 2020, we knew it was our last day of operations before closing for covid precautions. We thought it would only be a few weeks of closure, but boy was we wrong. Here’s is a montage of that last “pre covid” day.  

One year later, on the same day – we have been open on a limited basis and with much smaller crowds. But today, we were scrambling to reopen for a different reason. The island had experienced massive flooding, and the Polynesian Cultural Center had not escaped the torrents.

Here’s a video from Sam Moe of the process to dewater the sandpit onstage after it was flooded in last Tuesday’s epic flood. 

 “One Ohana Sharing Aloha” in action. 


Flood Safety Tips 

Submitted by: Elder Davis and Lau Niumatalolo 

safety corner sign


Each year, more deaths occur due to flooding than any other hazard related to thunderstorms. The most common flood deaths occur when a vehicle is driven into hazardous floodwater. During a flood watch or warning gather emergency supplies, listen to your local radio or TV and prepare emergency food and water supply. This is a good time to check and update your 72-hour kits.  

Do you know we have an emergency booklet common to both BYUH and PCC? Your manager should have a copy. Also, you can find it on our SharePoint under “Emergency Response Plan” on the safety tab. Please be familiar with its contents.