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Dede Alo – 1 Minute Interview

Dede Alo – 1 Minute Interview

Dede Alo, Pounders General Manager

Hearing from Deirdra (Dede) Alo, General Manager of Pounders Restaurant is a chance to learn about the power of family. Her roots run deep in our community, and the generosity and love of her family has blessed La’ie, BYU-H and the Center throughout the years.

First, let’s find out a bit about her background. Dede has worked for 3 years at Pounders. In her college days she was a server at Gateway Restaurant. Dede was born and raised in California, however her mother, Nini Lua Roberts was born and raised here in La’ie. She was a part of the Hukilau Day’s which inspired the building of the Polynesian Cultural Center and the Church College. In fact, her family provided land that the PCC and college are built on. Nini was a part of the daughters in the community that danced the hula for tourists as well as prepared the decorations and food for luau.

Dede’s grandfather, Makahiwa Lua, was a fisherman as well as one of the first firemen to serve in the first fire department here in Hawaii, which was created by King David Kalakaua. He was also one of the first to play slack key music, which is not easy to master. Her family is small but her extended family is quite large as her mother, Nini and her father, Edward Frank Roberts, Jr., both had 14 siblings each and lots of cousins. In her immediate family there are three children. Dede is the oldest, then a sister, and finally, her brother – who passed 10 years ago.

Dede, and her husband Stanford Alo, have been married 34 years. They have a beautiful family of 5 children and 15 – soon to be 16, grandchildren. Here they all are, listed out – because Dede is so proud of them:

  1. Daughter Sheallene married to Kimo – They have 5 children; Blake, Sapphire, Brix, Harmony & Hazel;
  2. Son Kaeokalei married to Glo – They have 3 children, Jethro, Jonah & Tauhere;
  3. Daughter Naysha married to Ekahi – They have 4 children, Arayah, Laker, Armor & Shield;
  4. Son Kamalani married to Tajana – They have 3 with one on the way children, Oakley, Arrow & Urban; and
  5. Son, Seth – who just graduated in 2019 and is off exploring the world.

Okay, let’s see what Dede has been up to!

1. How are you filling your days?

I fill my days with appreciating all that I have through caring for the things that have been entrusted to my care – cleaning and sanitizing everything.

2. What do you do to keep your spirits up?

On the home front, up until we reopened this week, I’ve been busy cleaning our home, and I feel blessed because I have been making memories with my grandchildren. I have had the time to cook and prepare healthier meals for them as well as take care of myself.

3. Can you tell us about another time in your life where you may have utilized your Polynesian culture and practices to guide you through challenges?

I am honored to be a part of a legacy of carrying on the traditions that started with my grandparents and generations before me, I find great pride in sharing their stories and I know that it’s not by choice that I am here at Pounders at this time.

4. What are you looking most forward to now that you have reopened?

I am so excited to be serving our ohana again. It is my hope that our employees and guests will feel safe and secure in coming back to dine with us in these challenging times.