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COVID-19 Graduates – Polynesian Cultural Center Style

COVID-19 Graduates – Polynesian Cultural Center Style

Another semester has ended for our BYUH students. Sadly, BYUH was unable to hold any traditional commencement ceremony due to Covid-19 restrictions. However, the Theater and Guest Services departments still found creative ways to honor their employee graduates. At the conclusion of last week’s HA rehearsal, all the Theater graduates were placed at the front of the stage while “Mana” led the whole cast in a haka of honor for their accomplishments and to provide encouragement as they face the future.

Haka for Theater Graduates

The Theater graduates are honored by the Haka

The Guest Services department held their own mini graduation ceremony, complete with a processional, speakers, performance numbers and unique certificates of completion. It was even captured on Zoom for all PCC guides worldwide to view. This special mock ceremony also ended with an impromptu haka by our Maori students from other departments.

Awarding the Retail Graduates

Presenting the graduates of Guest Services

t was emotional to witness both of these unique department tributes for our graduates as I saw genuine aloha being shared with team members who had become family during their time at PCC. When your own family is unable to participate in milestone events, it’s heartwarming to see our work family step up to make those events memorable for each other. And that’s what INSPIRING PERFORMANCE looks like to me!

Haka for Retail Graduates

The Haka performed for the Guest Services graduates

Congratulations to all our PCC graduates. May the experiences you’ve gained at PCC make you better prepared to “contribute to the betterment, uplifting and blessing of all” those you will serve as you leave this “special place”. A hui hou.