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Communication through kokua!

Communication through kokua!


We understand and utilize kokua in our communications

In a recent article, Garry Burnison, CEO of Korn Ferry, an organizational consulting firm, made the observation that conversations in the workplace have become “more real, more emotional, and often happening for the first time.” Not surprising when you think about the turmoil and concern caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing riots, and so on.

The following excerpt from Burnison’s article really resonated with me because it reflects what we have been trying to accomplish with our weekly one-on-one kokua meetings for the last two years:

“The question, “How are you?” has been raised to a whole new level: “How are you, today?” This simple question has sparked genuine conversation and connection among people who want to share their thoughts, concerns, and fears. Now, the question is evolving to, “How are you feeling?” as people process complex reactions and emotions. This is far more productive than weaponizing words in hashtags, tweets, and soundbites. When we lead with our hearts we truly connect with others—creating ripples of positive energy. Whenever emotions run strong, we have to talk about it.”

With the mandatory 14-day trans-pacific traveler quarantine being extended to July 31, it is now likely the PCC will not reopen until after summer. This will require the PCC to “tighten its belt” even further. As we do so, the need to “kokua” with each other will be more important than ever.


President P. Alfred Grace