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Cha… cha…. cha….. changes! 

Now that mandatory quarantine for all incoming travelers to Hawaii was lifted on Oct 15, and we’ve seen the news reporting 6,000-8,000 passengers arriving daily to Hawaii since then, the hope of reopening PCC is becoming an exciting reality. Depending on visitor counts increasing and covid cases being kept to manageable levels, we could be open as early as January 2021. 

But it won’t be the same PCC that existed prior to us closing on March 16, 2020.  Here are just some of the changes that will be implemented: 

  • A new ticketing system that allows for contactless ticketing options at the entrance into the Islands, restaurants, and the Pacific Theater 
  • A new black ID  

delsa black ID

  • Masks will be part of everyone’s uniform and our guest’s PCC attire 
  • Smiles will be seen through our eyes instead of our mouths  
  • Temperature checks will be required in some departments before you can start work 
  • Hugs and handshakes will be replaced with Laie’s own shaka sign  


  • Canoe tours will have every other row empty 
  • The ticket entrance into the Islands has been improved 
  • Samoa’s main presentation will now be held indoors 
  • There are physical improvements in all the islands 
  • There will be ushers in all villages to direct guests to seating areas in order to maintain proper distancing between groups and they will also sanitize the areas after each presentation 
  • There will be no Huki canoe pageant or Hawaiian Journey movie for awhile 
  • Only some of our Island concession stands will be reopened 
  • The BBQ lunch will be available 

BBQ Lunch

  • There will be one Alii Luau and Island Buffet to start with  
  • Prime Dining will remain closed for now 
  • Laie Tours will operate with properly distanced seating 
  • HA seating will be properly spaced between parties 
  • All PCC Admin offices will no longer be at BYUH, they will have all been located onto PCC grounds in various areas 
  • The lagoon should look cleaner, or maybe greener 😊, but it will definitely be deeper  


There are many other changes not included in this article but that will be left for you to discover when you return. One thing that has remained the same, despite being closed for many months, and after under-going many changes is the fact that we are still One Ohana Sharing Aloha.