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BYU-H is also making significant upgrades!

BYU-H is also making significant upgrades!

byuh front

There is nowhere on earth quite like BYUH.

It sure seems like a lot is going on over there on the other side of the fence – and you’re right! There is! BYU-Hawaii is tearing down and building up, and it doesn’t seem like they are leaving any stones unturned.

We thought we could answer the burning question of what ARE they doing over there.. and there… and THERE? It’s easy to do with these pictures and a link to BYUH’s projects page. Hope you enjoy!


General classes building site

Something BIG is going to replace something OLD. Find out more under the header “Science Building.”


soccer field

Any idea where this is? Hard to tell with the privacy fencing. Let’s just say that you’ll probably get a ‘real kick’ out of this upgrade. Find out more under “Seasider Sports Field”


Faculty townhouses

You will find out more about THIS just completed project under the heading of COMPLETED PROJECTS/Off-Campus University Housing.


new street

Introducing a new street where there was none. The street is completed, so you will find out more about it under Complete Projects/Mikeonele Way Extension.

New cafeteria worksite

If the way to a student’s heart is through their stomach, this is probably going to be the most loved building on campus, don’t you think? This project isn’t actually up on the website (maybe because it is a different contractor) so just wanted you to see the progress of BYUH’s new cafeteria!)

There is so much more to explore under all of the sub-pages. More on housing, the new and improved gym features, McKay Auditorium improvements and so much more. Don’t forget to check back periodically to see the progress!

Aloha and best wishes to you all!