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Behind the scenes at the Polynesian Cultural Center!

Behind the scenes at the Polynesian Cultural Center!

All the employees of the six islands in the Polynesian Cultural Center are working tirelessly to improve the content of their areas from weeding the taro patches, sweeping the leaves, watering the garden to painting designs on the tapa (the bark of the paper mulberry tree) cloth in the Tonga village. They are utilizing the time during this closure to brighten up the PCC for its reopening.

Collage 1

Lots of activities in the islands to the south of the lagoon.


Collage 2

The north side keeps just as busy


Collage 3

The construction crew with their “game on” faces fixing the pathway intersection. At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security


Collage 4

Nothing stops the men in the blue shirts from not only wearing sunglasses but flashing a warm smile. Hard work is nothing new to these fellas.