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April 26th PCC opens all islands and Gateway Restaurant & Positions opening

April 26th PCC opens all islands and Gateway Restaurant

Submitted by:  Delsa Moe, VP – Cultural Presentations

Gateway Buffet


April 26, 2021, is the day when PCC will open all Islands and the Gateway Restaurant. We’re excited to be opening at an earlier time and to more guests too. Here is the new operations schedule that will be implemented effective that day.

Please note that we will still be closed on Wednesdays (except for Hukilau Marketplace) and Hawaiian Journey and Huki canoe show will still not be available.


12:30 pm

    • Hamana gate opens Hale Kuai gate closed
    • Welcome Center operations begin
    • Ukulele Store opens

12:45 pm

    • Ticket entrance to the Islands opens
    • Canoe Tours begin
    • All Islands open

3:00 pm

    • Laie Tours begin – tours every 20 min until 6:40 pm

3:30 pm

    • Open Hale Kuai gate for Hale Aloha food transport

4:40 pm

    • Hale Aloha seating begins

5:00 pm

    • Alii Luau begins
    • Gateway opens
    • North canoe landing closes

5:30 pm

    • All Islands close – ticket entrance will be manned until 6:45 pm to prevent entering
    • South canoe landing closes

6:15 pm

    • Guides in place to direct guests from luau to HMP

7:00 pm

    • Pacific Theater opens
    • Gateway closes

7:30 pm

    • Night Show begins
    • HMP retail shops close
    • Food trucks close (except Elephant Truck)

8:00 pm

    • Elephant food truck closes

8:30 pm

    • Pounders closes

9:30 pm

    • Customer Service closes


Job Openings at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Submitted by:   Eric Workman, Vice President & CMO

As we move into the next phase of reopening the Polynesian Cultural Center we have several job openings available now and more coming soon.  Will you please invite your friends and family members to take a look at the jobs available at PCC? It is easy to apply online.  Refer them to Polynesia Application:

apply for jobs



There are even some jobs available for high school students. As we will be opening up the Islands and the new Gateway Buffet Experience on April 26th,   we recommend they apply now if they want to work during the summer. We need these students to be trained and ready to go in preparation for summer.

Here are just a few of the job openings available right now:

  • Pounders Restaurant—Front and Back of House Jobs
  • Emcees for the Ali’I Luau and New Gateway Buffet dining experience
  • Food Service Workers in the New Gateway Buffet dining experience
  • Retail Sales positions in the Hukilau Marketplace
  • Musicians
  • Cultural Demonstrator Guides in the Islands of the Polynesian and more

Mahalo for all you are doing as a member of the PCC Ohana to help the Center get going again and thank you for inviting others to come join our Ohana.


safety corner sign


April 12-17 2021 Covid 19 Update

Here are last week’s COVID-19 testing results.


Hurricane or Tropical Storm

Submitted by:  Elder Davis


Pounders Beach

In case of a hurricane or tropical storm in our area, please be aware of the following:

Hurricane Watch: In the event that a Hurricane Watch is issued, Hurricane conditions are possible within 48 hours.

Hurricane Warning: In the event that a Hurricane Warning is issued, Hurricane conditions are expected within 36 hours or less.

Hurricane Advisory: When an event is occurring:

  1. Monitor Emergency Alert System radio station. Monitor BYUH or PCC Radio “Emergency” talk group.
  2. When advised by Public Safety or Emergency Services Personnel, evacuate to Cannon Activities Center (CAC) for community members and PCC Guests. No food will be provided at the CAC. On-campus, students should shelter in their TVA apartments or Dormitories (hales). Off-campus students should shelter in the designated areas in the on-campus dormitories (hales).
  3. During a warning, when sirens sound, secure windows.
  4. Secure loose objects that may blow away, such as outdoor furniture.
  5. Stay indoors during high winds. Stay away from windows and do not open windows.
  6. Keep away from exterior walls and doors.
  7. Turn off water and electricity at main stations. Unplug appliances.
  8. Remain in a safe area until the warning expires or until emergency personnel has issued an “all clear” signal.
  9. Help as directed. Serve others.

For additional information:  Tropical Definitions