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Aloha and welcome home Missionaries!

Aloha and welcome home Missionaries!

Submitted by:Nina Jones, Blog Editor 

It was one of the Polynesian Cultural Center’s saddest days back in March of last year when the announcement had to be made that the senior missionaries serving in Laie were going home. So many tears were shed, but health, safety, and adhering to COVID-19 restrictions had to prevail. 

Senior Missionaries

Saying farewell to the missionaries last March

But happy days have returned because the first of our missionaries have arrived in time for last week’s soft opening.

Let’s keep the Polynesian Cultural Center and Hawaii in all our prayers. We are asking for protection, improving daily counts, and maybe even a few miracles.


Senior Missionaries Program

Missionaries receive training on the new procedures at Hale Aloha, Jan. 2021