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1963 – 2020 and beyond – Happy birthday PCC!!!!!

1963 – 2020 and beyond – Happy birthday PCC!!!!!

entrance to the Center 1967

The entrance to the Polynesian Cultural Center in 1967

In honor of the 57th birthday of the Polynesian Cultural Center – we bring you some fun trivia and a 1963 local article.

Quick trivia (each question gets harder!)

  • Who was the first employee of the PCC?  
  • How much did an entrance ticket cost in 1963?  
  • Where exactly was the front entrance to the PCC?  
  • What was the first village as you entered?  
  • What was the name of the first evening show?   
  • Who came up with the name for the Polynesian Cultural Center?  

(answers are below) 

1963 newspaper article pcc

June 1963 article in the Honolulu Star Bulletin


  1. T. David Hannemann  
  2. Entrance was $1.50.  The evening show was $1 (which was only held on Saturdays and some Fridays) 
  3. The gate next to the now closed Hale Kuai 
  4. Hawaii 
  5. Polynesian Panorama 
  6. Painter and Church College instructor, Wylie Swapp