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1-Minute Interview with Losa Moors

1-Minute Interview with Losa Moors

Losa Moors and family

It’s very clear – Losa Moors loves her family!

Here is a fun one with our sweet Fealofani Roselyn Tagoa’i Moors – but we all know her as Losa, right? Losa is the Food Production Manager at the Polynesian Cultural Center. She has been working at the Center for 33 years. Her first job was as a dishwasher at the former Komo Mai Luncheon. Losa was born and raised right here in Laie, Hawaii. She has 5 children, all married to wonderful spouses, and is a proud Nana to 15 grandchildren. She adds that she has been a single parent for more than 20 years and PCC has always been my safe haven.

Okay, Losa – let’s get started. How are you filling your days?

Aside from work, I enjoy spending time with my family and/or friends. Due to the recent COVID19 pandemic, I have resurrected my sewing machine and tapped into one of my hidden (and novice) talents of sewing facemasks and ensuring that anyone who needed a mask could get one.

What do you do to keep your spirits up?

I enjoy my life!! I am grateful for the many blessings I’ve been fortunate to receive and I do my best to find opportunities to serve others.

Can you tell us about another time in your life where you may have utilized your Polynesian cultural and practices to guide you through challenges?

Yes. Most recently my grandson, Rexy, lost his battle with cancer. During this tender time, I witnessed firsthand the love of our Polynesian culture and people. So many, young and old, came to do what they could to help lighten our load. As my son’s modest home in Oregon quickly filled with wall to wall people who came from many destinations, I was so grateful for our culture, our heritage, and our love that united us all as one family.

What are you looking most forward to doing once the Polynesian Cultural Center reopens?

I am looking forward to reuniting with my Restaurant Service Ohana. I can’t wait to see our PCC family back into full operation. Theater, Islands, Guides, Canoes, Marketplace, Facility Crew, etc. I miss listening to the canoe show in the afternoon, the smell of the umu starting, and watching our students run back and forth from school to work. The tram tours, canoe tours, listening to the drums, music, laughter! I miss everything about the Polynesian Cultural Center.