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1-minute interview – Kalivati Volavola

1-minute interview – Kalivati Volavola

Kali Volavola

Whether in the Fijian village, the HA show or in HR, Kali has always given his all to the Center.


Today’s Polynesian Cultural Center’s 1-Minute Interview is with Kalivati Volavola, Manager of Student Development System, Training & Development, in the Polynesian Cultural Center’s Human Resource Department. Kali has worked at the Center for 12 years. Born in Suva, Fiji, and a graduate of Brigham Young University Hawaii, his first position was as a Fiji Island Cultural Demo Guide. Kali and his wife have 4 children.

1. Bula, Kali. Thank you for participating in this interview. Let me start by asking you how are you filling your days?

I am keeping busy between work activities and health and living wellness projects. Plus I workout, help on school projects with the kids and teach the children sporting and other extra curricula activities.

2. What do you do to keep your spirits up?

I enjoy recreational activities with the family. We are trying to organize wholesome activities together. We’ve been learning how to cook a new dishes together. Our best so far has been fish in coconut milk.

3. Can you tell us about another time in your life where you may have utilized your Polynesian cultural and practices to guide you through challenges?

In 2000 there was a political coup in Fiji – the country was in lockdown. What we realized then was all we could do was the best we could. We knew that there would be a lot of unfortunate opportunities in our lives – but worrying about them would do no good. Instead it is important to focus on your family, exercise faith, and just keep moving forward.

4. What are you looking most forward to doing once the Polynesian Cultural Center reopens?

I am looking forward to seeing and meeting the guests that come in. I am curious to learn who is going to be the first visitors this summer. I hope to talk to them about how they dealt with and overcame COVID-19. I’m ready also to get back into the regular routine of normal daily work.